My husband and I were considering putting an offer on a small home across from a small lake. The offer would be pending any inspections. I sought out a foundation specialist and was FORTUNATE to talk to a mechanical engineer who specialized in foundations when I called Foundation Specialist. Mike from Foundation Specialist thoroughly explained to me all the things that he would check to see if the foundation of the house was sound, and if it needed repair, what it would cost. Also, he assured me that if there was a major concern with the foundation, he would tell me. My husband and I were very impressed at the thorough inspection Mike had done. Mike explained everything clearly. The inspection report came the same day of the inspection. Knowing Mike from Foundation Specialist was going to do the inspection gave us confidence to put the offer on the house. We felt strongly, if there was a problem, Mike would be the guy to tell us. Likewise, my husband and I felt 100 % confident when we asked to be released from our offer due to serious foundation problems. We may not have gotten that particular house, but we did feel fortunate we had Mike from Foundation Specialist working for us! I am 63 and have been a business owner for over 28 years. Mike’s competance, professionalism, and geniune concern for our house decision was a true blessing! Thank you Mike and the Foundation Specialist.