Foundation Specialist has employed some truly talent and one of those people is “Mike Tovar”. This is a follow up testimonial to the exceptional professionalism of Mike Tovar, the specialist who come out last fall to inspect our leaking foundation in two rooms. I can’t say enough good things about this man but the few immediate description that come mind are: exceptionally knowledgeable, honest, direct, and empathetic. Last fall Mike wrote up a $5000 estimate to address two leaking rooms in the basement if we wanted the work done immediately but he recommended that we address some gutter adjustments first to see if that might save us some money. We had a second estimate from a competitor who made no attempt to advise us to address the gutters/roof overhang/landscape. Instead, the competitor tried to up-sell and recommended the whole house be waterproofed for $15,000; and the rest of the house never leaked before for over 10 years. The competitor wanted $10,000 to do the same amount of work as Foundation Specialist ( just the 2 rooms ). We followed Mr. Tovar’s recommendation to extend the gutters first and was able to resolve the water intrusion in one room. Mike was already $5,000 less than his competitor and following his free advise, he was about to save us even more by having to address one of the two rooms only. We reached out to Mike the following spring to give us an up-dated estimate. Upon arriving to our door, he independently took note of the gutter extensions. When I brought him to the area of the room where we still had water intrusion, his exact words when he saw the problem were ” something is not wright here “. He did some diagnostic test of running the outside faucet, then running the kitchen faucet and deduced the problem was a broken main drain pipe that was then leaking back into the basement. Just to prove how talented Mike is, we had the same main drain pipe routed out six months earlier and asked the plumber if the main drain pipe was leaking because the water coming into the basement was almost underneath the pipe. The plumber at the time did do the same tests as Mike did but was not able to produce the same results at that time. I asked the plumber no less than four times if it could a broken main drain line and he was for certain it was not. I even asked him to look one last time before he drove away and he still was sure that it was not the main drain pipe. I think I annoyed the plumber but even I suspected the main drain line. Mike could have easily lied to secure the job and there would have been now way we would have ever figured it out because his work would have hidden and masked the leaking main drain line. Eventually the main drain line will either collapse completely or fill up completely with soil and we would have paid for 2 separate jobs. Mike said we would have to hire an excavator. The excavator quote was only $2750 I felt horrible for asking Mike to come out twice to our house and neither time did we employ him. I offered him some cash for his time and for saving us so much money but he refused my offer. Mike is compassionate and empathetic because he gave us free advice to try to save us some money. Mike is exceptionally knowledgeable because he figured out the plumbing problem that the the plumber couldn’t. Mike is honest because he refused to charge us unnecessary work. Mike is professional because as busy as he is all the time, he still came out a second time to look at our problem. I am extremely impressed with Mike Tovar. I am saddened that I could not hire Mike to do my drain pipe problem because I know if could have, he would have done it wright the first time and the cheapest price.