New Construction Piers

New Construction Piers Installed in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Stop foundation problems before they start!

By providing a new foundation with additional support before concrete is poured in, you can rely on the structure to rest on a solid base for years to come.

If you’re dealing with unstable soils at a new construction job site, don’t stop the project, contact the Foundation Specialist! We install reliable piers to help keep your building anchored for many years to come. We make use of Grip-Tite’s® New Construction Helix Piers that can be installed before foundation construction begins to avoid future costly structural repairs.

Helical piers are placed under new construction, and below active soils so that your home or building is anchored in stable soils. These are placed spaced out around the building according to load requirements, footing reinforcement details, and the existing soil bearing capacity. Every location will have their own unique requirements, so proper measurements and inspection are always done thoroughly. Foundation Specialist can provide solutions for building on high water tables, fill soils, and expansive and unsuitable soils by using new construction piering. Foundation Specialist also offers several other foundation repair services to address any problems you may have in your Western Michigan home.

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